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Nijmeegse Schilders aan het Franse Hof

The Gebroeders van Lymborch Huis is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm for a maximum of 3 visitors or a maximum of 2 times 2 people from the same household.

Reservations for a tour are always possible and highly recommended via: or 06 147 409 60.

Agenda 2021

Extended until the end of June: exhibition Masters in the Marge in the Gebroeders van Lymborch House

Extended until the end of June: exhibition of four contemporary Nijmegen artists 'In the Spirit of' in the Gebroeders van Lymborch House

Extended until the end of August: De Pest in Museum het Valkhof and the Gebroeders van Lymborch House

10, 11, 12 September 2021: Gebroeders van Lymborch Festival

15 to 17 October 2021 : 024history

November 18, 2021: The Night of Dürer

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The Lymborch Brothers lived in one of the most exciting periods in art history. Western art, as we know it today, was born. With new features, such as originality, emotions and personality in figures and, last but not least, perspective. Within these developments, the Lymborch Brothers took on an important role as innovators, with fame and fortune as their share.

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